Technology has fundamentally changed the retail industry as we know it.  Your stores now produce more data from more sources than ever before and you need a powerful, flexible, and intuitive solution to help you connect the dots in your data.  Retail 20/20 Exception Reporting allows you to see everything from point-of-sale and inventory to loyalty and finance all on one screen, enabling you to spot patterns, eliminate operational errors, and prevent fraud faster.


Retail 20/20 offers an entirely new take on what reporting should be.  No more intervention from IT, no more asking your vendor for help, and no more waiting.  Just drop a new key performance indicator into a report and the results are instantly available.  Enhance the visibility of anomalies with multiple filtering options that make the outliers pop off the screen.


The query tool allows you to retrieve store-level data, in real-time, at the click of a button with no need to write SQL statements.  Build a query and save it for repeated use, run a quick query for rapid data retrieval at any time, or even choose from our library of custom queries that get down to the nitty-gritty details of your data.


With Retail 20/20′s dashboard feature, there are endless options on the amount of information that can be viewed on one screen.  Mix and match unlimited summary and trend reports, or even create multiple dashboards for different areas of your business.  Everything in Retail 20/20 is at your disposal when it comes to dashboard creation.

Automated Compliance

ACT is a rules-based compliance engine within Retail 20/20 that enables you to define alert triggers based on individual events, summary data, or KPIs.  You can also create automated workflows for triaging and reporting on the subsequent alerts.  Each alert is coupled with supporting information, such as recommended resolutions, to simplify compliance.

Why Retail 20/20?

Why it’s the best Exception Reporting Tool on the market

Fastest Identifier of Operational & Fraud Cases

Real time reports, automated alerts, and quick queries mean that you can spot outliers and trends faster than ever, reducing the impact of fraudulent events.

Labor Savings for District & Store Managers

Trend analysis and human resource integration allows you to gain a better understanding of your stores staffing efforts.

Money Added Directly to the Bottom Line

Retail 20/20 identifies fraud faster than any other tool out there.  It doesn’t just prevent fraud, it adds money directly to your bottom line.

Fastest Growing Exception Reporting Solution

With 35 customers in just 18 months, retailers have fallen in love with Retail 20/20 making it the fastest growing exception reporting tool on the market.

Who Uses It

Jon Grander, VP Asset & Revenue Management, Caleres

Caleres“Our vision is to combine all of our data into a central reporting application that will give us insight into day-to-day operations. Retail 20/20 is the only platform well positioned to help us achieve our goals.”

Scott Ziter, Director Security and Loss Prevention, Price Chopper

Price Chopper“We were looking for a tool that was very easy to use, while also being powerful enough to handle our complex reports and queries.  After comparing Retail 20/20 to our old solution the decision was easy.”

Dan Christman, Sr. Loss Prevention Analyst, Spencer Gifts

SpencersThe capabilities of Agilence and their application Retail 20/20 far exceeded our expectations.”

Charlotte Ayers, Loss Prevention Analyst, Hy-Vee

Hy-VeeWe were using a competitive product, and we were very comfortable with it.  But when we first met the Agilence team, they made us feel like family which is something we’ve never experienced from a vendor before.”

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What Is It

Some Features that help Retail 20/20 Connect the Dots

SaaS Deployment

Experience the flexibility and power that Retail 20/20 is known for without the burden or expenditure that typically comes with large scale deployments.  Free up IT and your budget with SaaS deployment.

All Your Data in One Place

Asset protection today is more than just fraud and POS transactions. With Retail 20/20 you can integrate a multitude of data feeds such as loyalty, inventory, P&L, HR, and more to help you be more efficient.

Integrated Video

When it comes to preventing fraud, video can be your best friend.  This is why Retail 20/20 is capable of integrating with any video source allowing you to validate anomalies with your own two eyes.

Self-Service BI Tools

Retail 20/20 goes beyond just exception reporting.  Self-service BI tools enable you to run reports and queries on customer information, employee information, loyalty programs, or any other integrated data set.

More Data Views

Reports are easier than ever to understand thanks to multiple graphical views like pie charts, bar charts, trend lines, data grids, or more.  You are able to drill down from each view, making reports intuitive and interactive.


“What you see is what you get” KPIs can easily be created and inserted into any report.  There is no more need for bulky libraries that summarize overnight and slow down the application.  Just create, drop, and view the results instantly.

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