Data Analytics Software for Loss Prevention & Store Operations

Technology has fundamentally changed every industry in our world today.  Your businesses now produce more data from more sources than ever before and you need a solution to provide insights from that data so that you can connect the dots. Our 20/20 Data Analytics Software is a unified analytics platform that helps loss prevention & store operations teams in the retail, restaurant, and Rx industries make sense of this day-to-day data. Through 20/20’s best in class functionality, data that was once difficult to make sense is now visually delivered in the form of tangible opportunities, closed loop alert workflows, and interactive visuals so that you can easily optimize loss prevention & operations within your stores and restaurants to increase efficiency and positively impact the bottom line.


With 20/20 you can build reports that summarize data by employee, item, customer, or store/restaurant. This allows for a broad spectrum of focus areas such as SKU level analysis, risk profiles, sales scorecarding, or as simple as the cash void trends of part time employees. You have a suite of reports out of the box, but all reports are 100% customizable with colored filters and aggregate KPIs to bring your trouble areas to the forefront.


The true power of 20/20 lies in it’s advanced query tool. With queries, you can create complex statements, completely free of SQL, in just a few clicks. Select from numerous operators, join multiple data categories, or perform more advanced functions to identify the exact condition that you are looking for. And, if your query is effective, convert it to a measure to summarize that data in a report!


The 20/20 Data Analytics dashboard feature provides endless options on the amount of information that can be viewed on one screen.  You can add multiple disparate reports that relate to an aspect of your business, or tie all of the reports together with a single hierarchy using the linked dashboard feature.  Dashboards give you the full picture of part of your business and display the profit gain opportunity you have if you address any issues that are visible

Prescriptive Alerts

Prescriptive alerts are a rules-based compliance engine within the 20/20 Data Analytics Platform that enable you to define alert triggers based on nearly any situation that may arise in your business.  Alerts are automatically scheduled and generated, and come with an all-inclusive workflow with prescriptive action plans that vary based on the reason that it was generated.

Why 20/20 Data Analytics?

Why it’s the best analytics platform on the market

Fastest Identifier of Operational & Fraud Cases

Linked Opportunity Dashboards, prescriptive alerts, and advanced queries mean that you can spot sales reducing activities faster, saving time searching and spending more time on returning these activities back to normal.

Labor Savings for District & Store Managers

Integrations such as HR, labor, and time cards allows you to gain a better understanding of overall staffing efforts, and your gauge on overtime regulations.

Money Added Directly to the Bottom Line

20/20 Data Analytics identifies sales reducing activities so you don’t have to.  20/20’s unique opportunity focus and prescriptive capabilities make it easy to add dollars right back to your bottom line.

Fastest Growing Exception Reporting Solution

With 80+ customers and counting, business owners have fallen in love with 20/20 Data Analytics, making it the fastest growing exception reporting tool on the market.

Customer Quotes

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Karla Hutchinson, Brookshire Grocery Company
Karla Hutchinson, Brookshire Grocery Company
The Agilence services team goes over the top to help us out!
Steve Garcia, Super King Markets
Steve Garcia, Super King Markets
Retail 20/20 has helped us identify multiple operational inefficiencies throughout our stores.  The software has produced a significant ROI, thanks to its ability to help us quickly find and solve issues.
Cory Deily, Redner’s Markets
Cory Deily, Redner’s Markets
Retail 20/20 stood out from the rest with the user friendly interface and powerful information engine that could provide us with the ability to see and analyze all of our data across the entire organization.
Jennifer Zervas, At Home
Jennifer Zervas, At Home
The Agilence team is simply the best.  They are always willing to help and share their knowledge.
Matt Hutchinson, Caleres
Matt Hutchinson, Caleres
How wonderful the conference was.  It was great connecting with so many other users and getting new ideas and insights on how I can better use the tool here at Caleres.
John D’Anna, Brookshire Grocery Company
John D’Anna, Brookshire Grocery Company
Retail 20/20 is a powerful reporting application that lets us get the most out of our data with a great team behind it that helps us to drive results.
Kelly Koblenski, Jockey
Kelly Koblenski, Jockey
We have nothing but praise for Retail 20/20.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it is a very well written application and many of my users have commented on multiple occasions how user friendly the application is and how easy it was for them to pick ...
Dan Christman, Spencer Gifts
Dan Christman, Spencer Gifts
The capabilities of Agilence far exceeded our expectations.
Scott Ziter, Price Chopper
Scott Ziter, Price Chopper
We were looking for a tool that was very easy to use, while being powerful enough to handle our complex reports and queries.  After a hands-on session with Retail 20/20, and a comparison to our legacy solution, the decision was easy.
Phil DeGorter, NSC Wholesale
Phil DeGorter, NSC Wholesale
Agilence is a cornerstone to our Loss Prevention program.  We have had great success with the solution, and it has allowed our organization to much more efficient.

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What Is It?

Some Features that help 20/20 Data Analytics Connect the Dots

SaaS Deployment

Experience the flexibility and power that the 20/20 Data Analytics Platform is known for without the burden or expenditure that typically comes with large scale deployments.  Free up IT and your budget with SaaS deployment.

All Your Data in One Place

Asset protection today is more than just fraud and POS transactions. With 20/20 Data Analytics you can integrate a multitude of data feeds such as loyalty, inventory, P&L, HR, and more to help you be more efficient.

Integrated Video

When it comes to preventing fraud, video can be your best friend.  This is why 20/20 Data Analytics is capable of integrating with any video source allowing you to validate anomalies with your own two eyes.

Self-Service BI Tools

20/20 Data Analytics goes beyond just exception reporting.  Self-service BI tools enable you to run reports and queries on customer information, employee information, loyalty programs, or any other integrated data set.

More Data Views

Reports are easier than ever to understand thanks to multiple graphical views like pie charts, bar charts, trend lines, data grids, or more.  You are able to drill down from each view, making reports intuitive and interactive.

Easily Drill Down in Linked Dashboards

All reports placed on Linked Dashboards become interconnected. Seamlessly drill down into your data view and watch as every report on the dashboard adapts to the new parameters without opening a new window.

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