Restaurant Analytics for Store Operations & Loss Prevention

20/20 F&B™ is restaurant data analytics software designed to help both quick serve (QSR) and table serve (TSR) restaurants improve their operations & restaurant loss prevention efforts.  20/20 does this by analyzing daily in-store data to identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency & reduce losses within the business.

Implementing our restaurant analytics software allows restaurant operations and loss prevention teams to visualize and act on data insights through industry leading functionality such as opportunity dashboards, prescriptive alerting with a closed loop workflow, multi-dimensional POS data reporting, and much more.

20/20 F&B makes it easy for any restaurant to come away with real, actionable insights into their business that can stop profit loss in it’s tracks!

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Why 20/20 F&B ?

20/20 restaurant operations Restaurant Operations

20/20’s restaurant operations software takes all of your restaurant data and presents tangible opportunities and insights through functionality like prescriptive dashboards and alert workflows.  Increase operational efficiency and improve margins by analyzing metrics such as throughput rates or average check time per associate during peak hours for insight into training needs. Easily visualize up-selling opportunities in dollars to understand who is taking advantage and where you can improve.  20/20’s restaurant operations solutions enhance your restaurant operations management efforts with clear data insights.

20/20 restaurant loss prevention Restaurant Loss Prevention

20/20’s restaurant loss prevention software allows your restaurant LP teams to drive awareness and reduce losses from common fraud tactics such as transfers, voided checks, manager meal comps, etc.  20/20 uses advanced KPIs to identify negative value patterns in the data and make them immediately visible.  From eliminating restaurant fraud to reducing operational shrink, your LP organization can easily & proactively identify this behavior through one of many visualization options, or use 20/20’s restaurant loss prevention software to set up an alert to be made instantly aware whenever a negative trend occurs.

Ops Examples

20/20 F&B helps identifies operational improvement areas such as:

LP Examples

20/20 F&B helps eliminate fraudulent schemes such as:

QSR Operations

  • Check Duration
  • Manager Comps
  • Promo/Item Success

TSR Operations

  • Upselling
  • Day Part/Labor Analysis
  • Table Turns

QSR Loss Prevention

  • Manager Meals
  • Voided Checks
  • SITs

TSR Loss Prevention

  • Wagon Wheel
  • Tip % Manipulation
  • Transfers

20/20 F&B takes traditional exception based reporting (EBR) and flips it.  Where standard exception reporting software takes data and lets you query and report on it to find data outliers that may or may not be potential problems, 20/20 takes restaurant EBR a step further.  With our restaurant analytics software,  you gain instant insights into these metrics and more so that you can either stop the negative trend or capitalize on the optimization opportunity. 20/20 combines EBR, restaurant management software, and our analytics platform into one flexible application so that whether you are a fast food franchisee, a restaurant loss prevention manager, or a C-level exec at a nationwide chain restaurant, our restaurant management tool simplifies your data so that all that you need to do is act on what’s in front of you!

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Restaurant Data Analytics Features

Opportunity Dashboards   Opportunity Dashboards

Add any report or opportunity widget to a linked dashboard and create a unified view of your business that updates as you drill-down.

Prescriptive Alerts   Prescriptive Alerts

Alerts contain an all-inclusive workflow and prescriptive action plan to follow depending on which alert type was generated.

Reports   Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Use 20/20’s multi-dimension reporting along with color coded filtering, aggregate KPIs, and predictive graph views.

Advanced Queries   Advanced Query Builder

Easily build queries as simple as complex as desired containing operators such as AND, OR, NOT, FOLLOWED BY, etc.

InfoBox   InfoBox

The “InfoBox” contains data from all integrated modules that relates to the particular restaurant check in question on a single screen.

Quick Query  Quick Query

Use Quick Queries to perform spontaneous drill downs or check look-ups on a separate browser tab.

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