Data Analytics for Retail

Our retail data analytics software, 20/20 Retail™, makes it easier than ever to identify additional profit opportunities, improve store operations, and eliminate unexpected loss within your retail or grocery business.

Opportunity Dashboards

Instant visibility into profit-boosting opportunities

20/20 Retail tracks your critical business metrics and highlights the immediate opportunities to improve profits. Whether you are measuring the impact of upselling a promotional item, loosening register controls, or adding a cashier during peak hours – 20/20 mines your data to determine the best possible outcomes.

By benchmarking against your own KPIs, 20/20 allows you to see the estimated profit and instant ROI available by addressing the under-performing sections of your business.

Compare performance across regions, stores, employees, items and more

Explore overall performance based on the key metrics you want to track such as top line sales, margin, throughput, etc. 20/20’s visual displays allow you to easily see what specific brands, regions, stores, employees and items are affecting revenue.

With one click, you can drill into the details to get at the root of your problems and re-align performance with corporate goals.

Performance Report

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Alert Resolution

Prescriptive alerts with closed-loop workflows

Prescriptive alerts ensure that you and your team stay informed on the most important issues as they occur. Track high-risk stores and constantly monitor common fraud patterns like cash refunds and void abuse without ever logging in.

We understand your managers need time to actually manage, that’s why 20/20 Retail can be customized to trigger email-based alerts. Directly from their smartphone or tablet, managers can analyze personalized alerts and receive step-by-step documentation on how to best resolve the problem – all within a closed-loop workflow.

Centralized investigation data

Gathering data around an investigation can be a productivity killer. That’s why 20/20 Retail collects all of the essential primary and secondary data sources (including video) necessary for an investigation – in a single view.

Store details, employee schedules, customer information, video footage are all available on one screen so you can scan to find exactly what you need to close your case.


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No SQL Required

Cutting-edge query technology

Search for any in-store information quickly – with no prior SQL knowledge required. 20/20’s cutting-edge query technology simplifies traditional reporting tools so that it’s just as easy to search for “same day refunds to cash with original purchase of credit” as it is to view “sales by store.”

Best of all, these powerful queries can be created within minutes – not hours.

KPI dashboards that keep corporate goals front and center

Ensure your entire team is staying in the loop on the goals that matter most to your organization. Create and share a corporate compliance dashboard with your district managers. Or, create reports around urgent findings and blast it to store managers for their immediate attention.

All of your mission critical reports and dashboards can be instantly communicated to the right people within the organization, hassle free, within a few clicks.

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