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Agilence is the leader in cloud-based data analytics for store operations and loss prevention in the Retail and Restaurant industries.  We develop 20/20™ Data Analytics, an intelligent reporting solution that enables organizations to easily connect the dots within their stores or restaurants by automatically collecting and summarizing data in an effort to identify anomalies and trends that can improve operations and reduce fraud.  20/20 provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, improving profit margins across the enterprise.

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With a team that has over six centuries of combined experience in both the retail, restaurant, and technology spaces, it’s no wonder we were able to build a world class exception reporting tool that our customers have fallen in love with.




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Arrowroot Capital
Granite Ventures
NextStage Capital
Aster Capital
Laurel Capital Partners
Drayton Park Capital

We are always looking for talented people to help us grow and serve our customers.  Click the Join Our Team button to check current openings.