Specialty Data Analytics

Retail is one of the fastest paced industries on the planet, which is why it is important to ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as it can be.  From operational concerns such as inventory levels, labor scheduling, and promotional execution to loss prevention issues like employee theft and operational shrink, the data being generated is the key to understanding the true health of your stores.

Even though it is vital for good retail performance, data analysis can sometimes be pushed to the back-burner due to the perceived effort and time needed to mine through transactions.  Data analytics doesn’t have to be hard, or time consuming though.  With the right applications in place retailers can easily analyze their store data to identify anomalies and opportunities for operational improvements.

With 20/20 Retail™, opportunities and potential problems are brought to the forefront, saving time on analysis and allowing users to focus on improving your chain’s bottom line.

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How Can Specialty Retail Analytics Software Help?

20/20 Retail is a specialty analytics software that takes your data and processes it daily to find events and patterns.  When anomalies or unique patterns needs your attention, they are presented to you as alerts and tangible opportunities.  Rather than needing a team of individuals mining through long lists of transactions looking for single events, 20/20 aggregates all of your data so that you can view company, district, store, employee, and item performance giving you the ability to see issues and trends by simply logging in.

With 20/20 Retail, the primary focus is on specialty loss prevention and store operations.  20/20’s ability to help loss prevention teams easily identify and resolve internal fraud and other types of negative value transactions makes it the best exception reporting solutions available on the market.  The application automatically flags suspicious or sales-reducing behavior and send alerts to the right people so the activity is stopped immediately, and prevented from happening again.

Along with being an industry leading loss prevention software, 20/20 is designed to provide insights into operational processes and sales increasing activities, allowing retailers to capitalize on profit opportunities that may have been overlooked by other software.

Additionally, 20/20 allows you to bring in data from across the company including Point of Sale, Financial, Labor, Inventory, and Cash Office data.  All of this data can be mixed and matched with each other to give a deeper breadth of analysis that is not available with other data analytics software.

The world of retail is a fast paced environment, but the impact that data has on your business is undeniable.  20/20 Retail data analytics is an effective and essential tool to support the retailers’ strategy to grow the business and sustain a competitive edge.

Specialty Loss Prevention Specialty Loss Prevention

Retail loss prevention teams drive awareness and reduce losses attributed to employee fraud and operational shrink. 20/20’s specialty loss prevention software helps your LP teams bring hidden sources of profit loss to light through analysis of common retail fraud schemes, training processes, and procedural issues that can possibly be improved.  Anything identified by 20/20 to be suspicious or warrant attention is then available as a closed loop workflow so that you can ensure that your LPM’s and LPDM’s are following through on the issues flagged by 20/20.


  • Potential coupon fraud through dollar/quantity thresholds
  • Markdowns highlighted as a negative value metrics
  • Non-receipted returns associated with high theft items

Specialty Operations Specialty Operations

With 20/20 Retail you can ensure that your associates and stores are performing as efficiently as possible by monitoring their sales productivity.  20/20’s specialty operations software monitors sales performance metrics like upselling, promotion execution, and customer throughput against labor.  These metrics are available on dashboards as opportunities, visible through many report visualizations, or can be sent directly to an individual with a prescriptive alert.



  • Monitoring labor efficiencies from throughput to average transactions per employee per store
  • Determining the effectiveness of a give-away, BOGO or discount
  • Identifying sales productivity of items, locations and employees

20/20 Retail provides retailers with insights into key loss prevention & store operations metrics to stop negative trends that may be impacting your margins or find hidden opportunities to increase profit.  Whether you are a boutique owner, a district manager of a small chain, or a C-level executive of a national brand, our specialty retail analytics software does the legwork so that all you need to act on is right in front of you!

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Areas of Focus

Specialty POS Analytics   POS Analytics

POS Analytics is the core focus of 20/20, allowing you to report on point-of-sale, HR, Store,& Item Detail data to make connections regarding your in-store sales so that you can monitor and improve performance.

Specialty Inventory Shrink   Inventory Shrink

The Inventory Shrink module brings in inventory results & counts by item, reconciliation & store made adjustments, and historical shrink results so that you can effectively manage inventory shrink by item and correlate with the POS to identify the true root cause of shrink at the item level.

Specialty Financial   Financial

The Financial module lets you analyze P&L data along with store purchase cards and employee expenses combined with POS data for a well rounded grasp on margin, and what departments, stores, or districts are truly the most profitable.

Specialty Labor   Labor

The Labor Module adds time card & labor schedules to the POS Analytics data allowing you to optimize employee scheduling by compare scheduled to worked hours, manage overtime, and focusing management attention on any labor to sales imbalances or who was clocked in during a specific in-store event.

Specialty Cash Office   Cash Office

The Cash Office module allows you to analyze data like cash over/short, pickups, loans, deposits, and till balances so that you can easily identify and investigate any cashier over/shorts of other financial discrepancies at the point-of-sale or within the store.