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Implementing a Data Analytics System That Your IT Department Will Love

Analytics resources are at the point of being mission-critical to your day-to-day productivity and that’s why it’s crucial you have an internal partner championing your technology needs. Whether you already have an analytics solution in place or are considering the investment, it’s important to recognize that bypassing IT can unknowingly lead to very expensive headaches.

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Data Driven Retail Transformation

Retailers are being asked to do more with less, and in today’s world that can be difficult as the volume of data continues to increase.  This can seem overwhelming for some, but with the right solutions in place retailers can take advantage of the data at their disposal, helping them to improve operations, ensure policy compliance, and reduce losses all in an effort to increase sales.

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Exception Reporting-as-a-Service

SaaS deployment is becoming a popular method for implementing enterprise solutions, but some retailers are still hesitant to use this method for their exception reporting solutions.  For operations and loss prevention executives using exception reporting, the SaaS approach can be very valuable.  This white paper goes over some of the biggest benefits that retailers can see from deploying exception reporting via SaaS.

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From Body Bags to the Boardroom

What if I told you that Nomar Casey’s biggest promotion came after he delivered zero cases for a quarter? As a loss prevention professional you’re probably thinking that this scenario can’t be further from the truth; however, as the retail world continues to evolve it is already happening at different organizations across the country.  As technology advances and margins become more vital than ever, loss prevention’s roll is moving away from finding cases and moving towards preventing them in the first place.

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Addressing the Hidden Operational Losses Impacting Your Profit Margins

Operational shrink, including losses caused by systemic issues and poor promotion execution, is more common and costly than fraud. However, many loss prevention solutions are unable to identify these hidden issues, and as a result, retailers do not realize the full extent of losses taking place that are not fraud-related and that are significantly impacting their bottom lines. To identify operational shrink quickly and before they cause substantial losses, retailers require solutions that: enable them to efficiently investigate every irregularity, provide both data and corresponding video, and deliver data in real-time.

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