What is 20/20 Data Analytics?

20/20 Data Analytics™ is a unified platform consisting of tools to help retail and restaurant businesses address key store operations and loss prevention challenges.  20/20 simplifies the process of analyzing data by taking your daily in-store data and looking for patterns and events that warrant attention and present them to you in the form of tangible insights and profit opportunities.  20/20 Data Analytics is made up of solutions for (3) primary industries.

  • 20/20 Retail for Retailers and Grocers
  • 20/20 F&B for Quick-Serve (QSR) and Table-Serve (TSR) establishments
  • 20/20 Rx for Pharmacies and Retailers with Pharmacy Departments

Whether it’s POS, Financial, Labor, or Inventory, data that used to require teams of people performing time-consuming manual analysis to glean actionable information is now presented as a simple alert, opportunity, or dashboard so you can spend less time searching and more time acting. 20/20 provides a clear view of your business from all depths and vantage points so that managers to franchisees to C-level executives get the data they need to bring lost or unrealized profit dollars back to the bottom line.

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How it Works

20/20 Data Analytics starts by taking your daily POS data, and processes it to identify patterns and events.   The application then presents the outputs which are viewable through queries, closed-loop alerts, visual reports, or opportunity dashboards.  Next, depending on your industry, you can then turn on additional modules such as Finance, Labor, Inventory, Cash Office, etc. to mix and match that data along with POS data to expand the focus to different departments and areas of your retail or restaurant business.

How it Works


Retail Data Analytics

20/20 Retail

20/20 Retail is designed to present all specialty & grocery retailers of any size with meaningful insights and visible opportunities to positively impact their bottom line.  20/20’s retail operations software points out inefficiencies where you can recapture unrealized profit by increasing employee efficiency and re-evaluting policies and procedures to optimize store processes. 20/20’s retail loss prevention software focuses on stopping profit shrink by alerting you to common fraud schemes, training issues, promotional issues, or any other situation that could result in profit or inventory shrink.

Learn more about how 20/20 Retail will help you bring lost and unrealized dollars back to the bottom line by downloading our free data sheet.

20/20 F&B

20/20 F&B provides QSR and TSR restaurants with visibility into their everyday operations to ensure that every part of their restaurant is performing optimally.  20/20’s restaurant operations software lets you focus on your restaurant’s operations by categories such as revenue center, day part, or even location to identify potential weak links.  20/20’s restaurant loss prevention software alerts you to common fraud schemes & profit draining activity so that these issues are identified automatically while you are busy focusing on other areas of your business.


Learn more about how 20/20 F&B will help you optimize your restaurant operations to maximize profits by downloading our free data sheet.

Restaurant Data Analytics
20/20 Rx


20/20 Rx is designed to help pharmacies remain compliant with government regulations and prevent the diversion of controlled substances, allowing pharmacists to focus on their customers.  Rather than needing a team of individuals mining through long lists of pharmacy data looking for single events, 20/20 aggregates all of your data so that you can view company, district, store, employee, and item performance giving you the ability to see issues and trends by simply logging in.

Learn more about how 20/20 Rx will help you remain compliant with government regulations and prevent diversions by downloading our free data sheet.


Each tool within 20/20 Data Analytics represents a comprehensive solution which includes all of the essential capabilities listed below:

DashboardsLinked Opportunity Dashboards

Add any report or opportunity widget to a linked dashboard and create a unified view of your business that updates as you drill-down.

Prescriptive AlertsPrescriptive Alerts

Alerts contain an all-inclusive workflow and prescriptive action plan to follow depending on which alert type was generated.

ReportsPredictive Analytics & Reporting

Use 20/20’s multi-dimensional reporting along with color coded filtering, aggregate KPIs, and predictive graph views.

QueryAdvanced Query Builder

Easily build queries as simple as complex as desired containing operators such as AND, OR, NOT, FOLLOWED BY, etc.


20/20’s proprietary InfoBox allows you to view all of your integrated data feeds connected to a particular event on a single screen.

Quick QueryQuick Query

Use Quick Queries to perform spontaneous drill downs or receipt/check lookups on a separate browser tab.