Data Analytics for Grocery

Our grocery data analytics software, 20/20 Grocery™, makes it easier than ever to identify additional profit opportunities, improve store performance, and address loss prevention issues within your chain.

Performance Report

Compare performance across your chain, or in a single store

Explore overall chain performance based on the key metrics you want to track, or specific store actions such as sales and promotion management and profit improvements.  20/20’s visual reports and dashboards allow any user to easily see what specific banners, regions, stores, employees and items are affecting revenue.

With one click in our grocery operations software, you can drill into the details to get at the root of your problems and re-align performance with corporate goals.

Visualize opportunities to increase average order size

20/20 Grocery tracks your critical business metrics, such as average basket size and items often sold together, and highlights the immediate opportunities to improve upsells and order size.  Whether your store managers are using opportunity widgets to motivate staff, or your regional and district managers are using dashboards to monitor upsells, 20/20 mines your data to determine the best possible outcomes.

20/20 makes it easy to see the estimated profit and instant ROI available by addressing the under-performing sections of your business.

Opportunity Dashboards

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No SQL Required

Cutting-edge query technology for when you want to get your hands dirty

For your super users who like getting their hands dirty, 20/20 Grocery has a state-of-the-art query engine that allows you to get as detailed as you want.  The query engine also allows for quick access to any in-store information quickly – with no prior SQL knowledge required.

20/20 simplifies traditional reporting tools so that it’s just as easy to search for “price check followed by a line void on a cash transaction” as it is to view “sales by associate.”

All investigative data, one centralized location

Gathering data around an investigation can be a productivity killer.  That’s why our grocery loss prevention software collects all of the essential primary and secondary data sources (including video) tied to the transactions is questions in a single view.

Everything from employee information, store details, original receipts, gift card usage, and video footage are available on one screen so you can simplify the investigation process, leading to faster resolution times and improved ROI.


Price Chopper

 Featured Case Study: Price Chopper

See how Price Chopper addressed their data analytics challenges with 20/20!

Alert Resolution

Keep you managers focused on store performance with prescriptive alerts

20/20’s alert engine automatically combs your data to track common grocery fraud issues, such as excessive voids and miss-weighed items, as well as areas of sales improvement.  When an item is identified, 20/20 will notify the appropriate user of the situation, and provide a closed-loop workflow to ensure that it is resolved to your company’s standards.

Prescriptive alerts allow your managers to actually manage their stores, instead of spending their days perusing never-ending excel sheet to find that one bad egg.

Ensure access is granted to the right users, automatically

Along with robust reporting capabilities, an advanced query engine, and intuitive dashboards, 20/20 Grocery makes it easy to assign roles and distribute information to the correct individuals thanks to automated hierarchy builders.  By utilizing your master information that is already integrated with 20/20, the system can automatically updates roles and distribution lists.

This ensure that users only see the information you want them to see, allowing them to cut through the clutter and focus on their own region, district, or store.

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