Data Analytics for Restaurant Operators

Our restaurant data analytics software, 20/20 Restaurant™, uses your daily data to give you insights into adjustments that can be made to improve profits, reduce unexpected loss, and optimize overall store performance.

Sales by Daypart

Business intelligence to optimize sales & labor efficiency

Slice and dice sales data to quickly identify how your stores are doing and what to do next. Perform daypart analysis to pinpoint your busiest times – where extra staffing is crucial. Or, break down sales by revenue center or item and compare it against performance throughout your chain.

Our restaurant operations software is designed to make your data visual and interactive – but most importantly, actionable. Once you identify an issue that requires more attention, drill down until you have the answers you need.

Get the full story behind discounts, voids and other activities that frequently raise suspicion

20/20 ensures that even the busiest restaurant operators are in the loop when cases of fraud or operational issues occur. Our alert-engine automatically combs your data to track common restaurant loss prevention issues like single item transactions (SITs), manager meal abuse, and cash transfers.

Once identified, managers review the infraction – from their smartphone or tablet – alongside best practices that you define as essential to your management process.

Closed Loop Workflow

Looking to Kickstart or Revamp Your Loss Prevention Strategy?

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ROI Opportunity Dashboard

Measure performance and set targets

Index reports let you combine your most important restaurant operations metrics (sales, food costs, items per seat, etc.) and display them as a weighted average based on your corporate KPIs. Quickly review performance across region, location and even employee to see where your team is excelling and where you need to improve.

This custom risk index has been proven essential to corporate & regional management. Know where you are falling behind and how much money is being left on the table – all in one snapshot.

Ensure manager success ties directly to your corporate goals

Robust reporting tools help keep upper-level management tuned-in to the operational issues that location managers should be addressing. Not only can you investigate how your managers are reconciling the problems 20/20 Restaurant identifies – but you can also see how quickly they act on their alerts too.

Above-store managers can track individual manager & store performance. Additionally, these reports – along with any other corporate compliance priorities – can be shared across your management organization for instant action.

Manager Follow Ups

Get a hands on look at 20/20 Restaurant!


One screen that shows the full story – including video

20/20’s restaurant loss prevention software offers standard integration to your HR, store, item, and credit card information, as well as, the ability to integrate to your NVR too. This allows you to view ALL of the important data related to the particular check you are viewing – with a few clicks, all from the same screen.

Store reporting that lets you get your hands dirty

For the team interested in really digging into their data, 20/20 offers powerful reports and queries that allow you to precisely isolate the most specific business cases quickly and easily.

Our cutting-edge query builder makes it simple to create an advanced search related to checks, items, staff & even customers. Best of all, these powerful queries can be created, without vendor help, within minutes – not hours.

Easy Query Builder

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