Grocery Direct Store Delivery

The Grocery Direct Store Delivery (DSD) module for 20/20 Retail assists grocers in managing vendors who deliver inventory directly to their stores.  With this module grocers can easily analyze vendor deliveries, invoices, and credits to eliminate fraudulent activity and mistakes.  This module requires the standard 20/20 Retail solution.

Compare Vendors to Identify Anomalies

The unique Grocery Direct Store Delivery module lets grocers compare vendor activities by store, peer group, and volume of goods.  When an anomaly is identified, managers are notified of the issue and provided with the necessary information to resolve it.  Additionally, corporate users can use this module to monitor vendor activity from store to store, allowing you to identify potential vendor misbehavior and fraud.

Identify Credit Patterns

With the Direct Store Delivery module, grocers can monitor and identify store to store credit patterns, gaining valuable insight into activities that can indicate vendor fraud or mistakes.  With so much product moving into and out of your stores on a daily basis, receiving the correct amount of credits from your vendors can make or break your financial standing.

Receipt to Sales Analysis

Through the Grocery DSD module, 20/20 Retail makes it easy for grocers to analyze receipt to sales, allowing managers to better communicate sales trends with vendors, ensuring that their shelves are properly stocked with items their customers want.  This also allows corporate users to help their stores better serve their customers by monitoring trends and activities in specific regions, districts, or chain wide.

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