Grocery Inventory Shrink

The Grocery Inventory Shrink module for 20/20 Retail is designed to help grocers effectively monitor and manage inventory shrink.  With this module you can approach inventory shrink from the item level by correlating inventory with the point of sale detail to identify the root causes of shrink in your stores.  This module requires the standard 20/20 Retail solution.

Identify Root Cause of Shrink

Using 20/20 Retail, grocers can easily identify and resolve root causes of shrink.  Often in grocery environments inventory shrink is a result of fraudulent behavior or theft.  The Inventory Shrink module for 20/20 analyzes inventory counts and compares them against sales data to identify if the true root cause of shrink is in fact fraud related, or some other issues such as training procedures.

Identify Top Shrink Items

The Grocery Inventory Shrink module gives grocers greater insight into specific items that are causing the most shrink in their stores.  By using these insights, grocery operators can identify the top shrink items across their chain or in a single store and take action towards resolving any issues that may be causing excessive shrink in these items before it begins to impact your bottom line.

Identify Internal Shrink

One of 20/20 Retail’s most well-known attributes is its ability to help grocers identify and resolve sources of internal shrink.  Whether it is an employee performing excessive live voids on cash transactions, a new employee misusing a register function, or a manager making improperly adjusting inventory items, 20/20 allows grocers to identify and resolve internal shrink issues.

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Identify Customer Shrink

Through the Grocery Inventory Shrink module, 20/20 Retail can help grocers identify and resolve shrink issues that can be a result of customer behavior.  By monitoring inventory counts and comparing them to information that comes from the point of sale, such as cash refunds, grocers can identify when customers are misbehaving and contributing to shrink.

Identify and Isolate Unknown Shrink

20/20 Retail’s Inventory Shrink module is also capable of identifying shrink that can go unnoticed when using other reporting applications.  Typical reporting applications require users to comb through report after repot looking for high shrink activities, which typically leads to a focus on just a few activities.  Going beyond typical reporting solutions, 20/20 can automatically identify the worst performers when it comes to shrink, allowing grocers to monitor all causes of shrink the previously went unnoticed.

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