Grocery Point of Sale Analytics

The Point of Sale (POS) Analytics module is at the core of all that 20/20 Retail does.  This Grocery POS Analytics module provides grocers with advanced data analytics for store operations and loss prevention that produce valuable insights into key areas of your business.  These insights are designed to focus management’s attention on improving performance and increasing sales.

Cashier Performance Metrics

With the Grocery POS Analytics module, grocers can easily monitor key sales performance metrics such as UPC performance, items per minute, and overall employee performance for unusual patterns.  When something is identified, 20/20 provides users with the information needed to take action and capitalize on opportunities to increase sales at every store.  With 20/20 Retail you can easily see which items perform best, which employees need more training, and how performance compares from store to store.

Sales Productivity

With 20/20 Retail for grocery you can ensure that your employees and stores are performing as efficiently as possible by monitoring their sales productivity.  The POS Analytics module lets you analyze sales productivity activities such as throughput, length of transactions, average basket size, and average transactions per day.  The insights provided by this analysis show you where to focus your attention to make your stores and employees more productive.

Negative Value Transactions

20/20 Retail makes it easier than ever to identify and control negative value transactions across your chain.  Whether it’s the use of a coupon, voids, mark downs, keyed items, cash refunds, code switching, or under rings, all negative value transactions have an adverse impact on your bottom line.  The Grocery POS Analytics module helps to identify which negative value transactions are legitimate, and which ones need your attention by monitoring patterns in employee behavior.

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Prescriptive Alerts and Workflows

When 20/20 Retail detects an anomaly or unusual pattern in the transactional data it will send a prescriptive alert to the correct managers letting them know what the issue is and how to resolve it with the corporate action plan.  Along with this, each alert is accompanied by a workflow that ensures each manager is following procedures.  With prescriptive alerts and workflows, store managers and corporate users alike can focus on results.

Promotion Tracking and Management

Promotions can be an effective way to increase traffic and sales, but without proper management and tracking they can actually be detrimental to your bottom line.  With the Grocery POS Analytics module, grocers can manage promotions more effectively, and ensure that proper procedures are being followed by all associates.  Whether your promotion is a discount, give-a-way, or BOGO, 20/20 Retail automatically identifies associates who may be abusing the terms of the promotion and giving away items.

Customer Behavior

With the Grocery POS Analytics module for 20/20 Retail you can monitor customer behaviors that may be impacting your margins.  20/20 makes it easy to track reward redemptions, returns to purchases ratios, and even gift card activity to crack down on customers who may be misusing or abusing your corporate policies.

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