Rx Analytics Software for Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies are experiencing increasing pressures to remain complaint with federal and state standards.  Add to this the burden being placed on pharmacies to monitor all of the prescription data flowing through their stores in an effort to identify overprescribers, drug shopping patients and all other diversion activities, and it can seem like you are becoming more of a data analyst then a pharmacist.

20/20 Rx is a new data analytics solution from Agilence built to help pharmacies remain compliant with government regulations and prevent the diversion of controlled substances, allowing pharmacists to focus on their customers.  Rather than needing a team of individuals mining through long lists of pharmacy data looking for single events, 20/20 aggregates all of your data so that you can view company, district, store, employee, and item performance giving you the ability to see issues and trends by simply logging in.

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Pharmacy Loss Prevention

With 20/20 Rx, your loss prevention and asset protection teams can drive awareness and reduce losses attributed to the diversion of controlled substances, employee fraud, and operational shrink.  20/20 helps your LP teams bring hidden sources of profit loss to light through analysis of common retail fraud schemes, training processes, and procedural issues that can possibly be improved.  Anything identified by 20/20 to be suspicious or warrant attention is then available as a closed loop workflow so that you can ensure that your LPM’s and LPDM’s are following through on flagged issues.


  • Easily identify the diversion of controlled substances
  • Gain insights into third party prescription payments
  • Analyze the movement of scripts between location

Pharmacy Operations

With 20/20 Rx you can ensure that your pharmacies remain compliant with federal and state standards, while also performing your legal responsibility to identify and report prescribers who may be overprescribing controlled substances and patients who are attempting to fill invalid prescriptions.  20/20 gives users the ability to easily analyze the prescription data flowing through their pharmacies with executive level dashboards, prescriptive alerts, and operational level reporting all built into a single, easy-to-use solution.


  • Remain compliant with federal and state standards
  • Easily identify overprescribing practitioners
  • Monitor the activities of your floating pharmacists

20/20 Rx provides pharmacy operators and retailers with pharmacy departments with insights into key loss prevention & store operations metrics to stop negative trends that may be impacting margins, or find hidden opportunities to increase profit.  Whether you are a manager of a mid sized chain, or a C-level executive of a national organization, our data analytics software does the legwork so that all you need to act on is right in front of you!

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