Specialty Cash Office

The Retail Cash Office module for 20/20 allows retailers to easily identify, investigate, and resolve cash overs and shorts; ensure corporate policy compliance with cash office management; and monitor the movement of cash to and from their stores.  This module requires the standard 20/20 Retail solution.

Visibility into Shortages and Variances

Specialty retailers can use the Cash Office module for 20/20 Retail to monitor the movement of cash through their stores so that users can identify and correct shortages and variances in near real-time.  By analyzing information from till balances, pick-ups, bank files and more, 20/20 provides users with insights into cash related activities and can alert managers and corporate users when shortages or variances occur.

Ensure Cash Office Policy Compliance

20/20 Retail allows specialty retailers to ensure that each of their stores are following corporate policy when it comes to the management of their cash office.  By monitoring the activities typically undertaken by cash office managers, corporate users can know exactly what is going on in their stores.  If something unusual happens, such as a missing entry or low deposit amounts, the appropriate users are notified and provided with information needed to investigate the matter.

Ensure Front End Policy Compliance

Using the Retail Cash Office module for 20/20, specialty retailers can also ensure that the front-end of each of their stores are following corporate policies.  By analyzing the front-end for anomalies and unusual trends, corporate users and store managers can gain valuable insights into daily activities that have a direct impact on cash flow.

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Investigate Missing Bank Deposits

By monitoring bank deposit activity and comparing it to sales information, specialty retailers can easily identify when a bank deposit is missing.  Because the Cash Office module includes bank files, as well as the information that comes from the Point-of-Sale Analytics module, specialty retailers can know when a deposit should have occurred, and what activities led to the missing deposit, making the investigation process easier than ever.

Investigate Tender Discrepancies

The Cash Office module for 20/20 Retail makes investigating tender discrepancies quick and simple.  By monitoring till balances and using the insights gained from analyzing point-of-sale activities, specialty retailers can easily identify associates or managers that have unusually high tender discrepancies and investigate the activates that led to the discrepancy.  This module can also help to reinforce the policy that employees are responsible for the money in their register.

Prevent Book-Keeper Fraud

20/20’s Retail Cash Office module not only makes it easy to investigate anomalies, but it helps in preventing fraudulent activities from book keepers and any other employees that touch the cash office.  By monitoring data streams like bank files and till balances, 20/20 can highlight employees that are behaving outside of company norms, making it easy to identify and prevent fraudulent behaviors.

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