Specialty Labor Analytics

The Retail Labor module for 20/20 provides greater insight into daily labor activities, allowing specialty retailers to use their labor more efficiently.  With this module retailers can identify and address labor to sales imbalances before they begin to impact sales negatively.  This module requires the standard 20/20 Retail solution.

Manage Overtime

With the Labor module for 20/20 Retail, managers receive automated alerts as individual employees begin to approach overtime.  By utilizing the insights from these alerts, managers can ensure that their store remains compliant with corporate overtime policies, and corporate users can see how effectively each store is planning for and utilizing their labor.

Scheduled vs Worked Hours

With 20/20’s Retail Labor module you can ensure that your managers are creating their staff schedules intelligently by monitoring scheduled hours vs hours worked.  Not only can your managers build smarter schedules with these insights, but you can use them to identify employees that may be abusing time clock procedures or calling out too often, and identify locations that need assistance managing their labor.

Staffing to Sales

The Retail Labor module allows you to easily analyze staffing to sales so that you can see how efficiently your staff is working, where you can make adjustments to support sales, and where you may need to provide additional training so that you can reduce labor costs while increasing sales.  With 20/20 you can analyze sales per labor hour, transaction time, dollars per man hour, and any other staffing to sales metrics to see where improvements can be made.

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Detect Time Clock Fraud

20/20 Retail for specialty retailers makes it simple to detect and resolve time clock fraud.  By monitoring time card data, the Labor module automatically identifies managers who excessively add hours manually, employees who may be padding their hours, the creation and use of fake employee hours, and non-worked hours.  With this module you gain greater insights into time clock activates, allowing you to prevent fraud from impacting your financial success.

Identify 15-Minute Rule Abuse

If your organization has specific break guidelines, such as requiring employees to take a 15-minute break every couple of hours, 20/20 Retail’s Labor module makes it easy to identify associates and managers who are abusing these rules.  By analyzing punch in and out times, 20/20 shows you which employees are taking longer breaks, who is skipping their breaks, and who is trying to bank their breaks to leave early or pad their hours.

Identify Losses to Staffing

With the Labor module for 20/20 Retail, you can gain valuable insights into how your labor is impacting your profits.  With the ability to measure the impact of labor controls, and identify how much they are costing your organization, 20/20 can help you ensure that your labor is helping to increase sales, not take away from them.

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