Table Service Financial Performance

The table service (TSR) Financial module for 20/20 F&B allows table service restaurants to accurately rank restaurants by financial performance, compare actual expenditures to planned budgets, and ensure that each location is adhering to corporate standards.  This module requires the standard 20/20 F&B solution.

Identify Food Costs to Sales

With 20/20 F&B, table service restaurants can monitor and track food costs at a single location or chain wide to ensure that costs remain at a level that will allow your restaurants to prosper.  Using the Financial module, restaurant operators can analyze things like food cost to sales, which can be used as a predictor for margin erosion.  Using the insights from this analysis you can identify and resolve food cost issues before they impact your financial standing.

Improve Financial Performance

The TSR Financial module for table service restaurants is designed to improve your organization’s chance of reaching, and exceeding financial goals by monitoring financial performance.  It does this by analyzing KPIs that impact revenues, profits, and margins, and provides insights that allow you to ensure that your chain continues to reach its financial goals by identifying areas of improvement and resolving issues before they impact your financial statements.

Rank Stores by P&L Line Detail

Along with helping to improve financial performance for your entire chain, 20/20 F&B allows table service restaurants to rank stores by P&L line details and compare them with other restaurants in their peer group.  Using these insights, users can easily see which locations are performing poorly from a financial standpoint and need intervention, which restaurants should be rewarded for going above and beyond, and which ones need a little help to the next level of performance.

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Locally Controllable Expenses

20/20 F&B’s TSR Financial module allows table service restaurants to easily monitor each location’s controllable expenses for unusual anomalies or trends.  Know when a restaurant exceeds their typical spend by comparing their locally controllable expenses against the mean, and even identify cases of fraud with insights into purchase card use and expense reports.  With 20/20 you can ensure that your restaurants remain financially responsible.

Monitor Overall Expenses

Table service restaurant operators can easily monitor and maintain expenses for their entire organization using the Financial module for 20/20 F&B.  By analyzing expense data across the chain you can gain insights into areas of the business that are costing more than expected, employees that may be abusing their travel and entertainment budgets, and locations that need assistance in bringing their expenses under control.

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