Table Service Point of Sale Analytics

The Point of Sale (POS) Analytics module is at the core of all that 20/20 F&B does.  This table service (TSR) POS Analytics module provides table service restaurants with advanced data analytics for store operations and loss prevention that provides valuable insights into key areas of their business.  These insights are designed to focus management’s attention on improving performance and increasing sales.

Sales Performance Metrics

With the POS Analytics module for TSR you can easily monitor key sales performance metrics such as menu item performance, upselling, and employee/store performance across the chain and take action on items that can improve sales at each of your stores.  With 20/20 F&B, you can analyze things like whether a particular menu item is under or over performing at a particular location, see the calculated opportunity of adding a dessert onto an order X number of times, and compare how your location(s) are performing relative to their peers.

Speed of Service

With 20/20 F&B for table service restaurants you can ensure that your servers and restaurants are performing as efficiently as possible by monitoring their sales productivity.  The TSR POS Analytics module lets you analyze activities such as order time, kitchen time, and table turns.  Or break down the order process by day part or revenue center to understand which part of the chain or what section of the restaurant is performing well or needs additional attention.

Check Manipulation

20/20 F&B makes it easier than ever to identify check manipulation and control negative value checks.  The POS Analytics module monitors items like line voids, keyed items, manager voids, tips to sales ratios, check open time, and coupons to help ensure that all check adjustments are legitimate.  If a server or restaurant exceeds the threshold for check manipulations the appropriate users are alerted of the activity and given the information required to determine if the manipulation was fraudulent.

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Splits and Transfers (Wagon Wheel)

The POS Module for 20/20 F&B makes it easy to identify, monitor, and resolve one of the most elusive activities conducted by table service servers, check splits and transfers a.k.a. the wagon wheel.  This activity is typically difficult to identify due to servers splitting checks and transferring common items around to different checks and orders, however 20/20 F&B takes the guesswork out of finding this type of activity and allows you managers to resolve and prevent future instances of the wagon wheel.

Single Item Transactions

Single item transactions (SITs) and low value checks can be the biggest source of losses for table service restaurants.  With the POS Analytics module for 20/20 F&B you can easily identify checks that contain just a single item, like a beverage or condiment, and which restaurants and servers have the highest number of these low value or single item checks.  By using these insights, you can reduce losses across your chain while improving profits.

Discount Abuse

The TSR POS Analytics module for 20/20 F&B allows table service restaurants to automatically identify discount abuse.  All restaurant operators know that discounts such as manager comps, coupons, employee meals, and senior discounts are a normal part of daily business, but when left unchecked the use of discounts can be abused by fraudulent employees.  20/20 F&B prevents this from happening by calling out potential cases of discount abuse allowing users to react and resolve the issues.

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